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Welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Carpenter! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Coyote Ridge Elementary. I majored in Early Childhood Education and have taught for 18 years. I have taught grades K- 3 which gives me a unique ability to know where my second graders fit within those grades. Teaching is more than a profession to me, it is a calling. I love to help light the fire of curiosity to help all my students become life long learners!


Math 7:45-9:15 Writer's Workshop 9:15-9:55 Reading Whole Group 9:55-10:40 Enrichment 10:40-11:30 Lunch/Recess 11:30-12:30 Guided Reading /Rotations/Word Work 12:30-1:30 Science 1:30-2:15 Social Studies 2:15-2:45 Pack/Stack/Dismiss 2:45-2:55

Friday, October 13, 2017

Faith is our Leader of the Week!

Week 7

Dear Parents,
            This was a short week, but packed full of great learning opportunities. In math we focused on Fact Families as well as related math facts. We noticed that they contained the same three numbers, just in a different order.
            In writing we learned about common nouns as well as proper nouns. We looked for them in our writing and in books. We made an anchor chart of the words we found! 
             In reading we read the story STELLALUNA. We used a double bubble map to compare birds and bats. We sequenced sentences to tell the order they happened in the story. We also talked about the main character’s feelings and wrote about them.
              In science we began our new unit on changing and combining matter. This week we learned that changes occur when we add heat or take heat away. We discovered that a piece of paper’s physical properties changed when it got wet. Ask your child what happened to our milk when we heated it, added lemon juice and vinegar to it. The physical properties changed. It went from a liquid to a solid.
      In social studies we learned about Columbus Day, watched a Brain Pop Jr., took the on line quiz to assess what we learned and drew a map of Columbus’ journey. We also worked on our leadership notebook. Sadly we had to say goodbye to one of our classmates, Faith. She has been a very special part of our class and an excellent leader. I wish her much luck on her new adventure. She will forever be in my heart, like all the students I have the privilege of teaching.
  • Check out our blog to see pictures and videos of the nerds program. I’ll post them on Saturday. Some of your children were picked to go up front! :)
  • Progress reports went home today. Please return the signed copy.
  • Please send in a bag of candy for the Fall Festival.
  • Please send in $3.00 so that we can buy items to make the second grade baskets for the silent auction.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Week 6

Dear Parents,
         This week seemed to fly by as I had conferences with about half of you. Thank you so much for meeting with me, as I love talking with you about your children and how you can partner with me to help your child succeed in second grade and learn the skills to be ready for third grade.
          In math we took our unit one assessment and began a unit on subtraction from numbers to twenty. Homework pages may be going home once or twice a week. These can be used as the math log practice. On Wednesday a new packet of flash cards is going home in your child’s log. It has all the facts thus covered. We will continue to have our weekly quizes over these facts to try to increase your child’s automaticity in remembering these facts. These are not counted in their grade, but will help them as our units progress to more challenging skills.
         In language we wrote a spider cinquain poem as well as took a single sentence through the writing process. The children enjoyed going on thesaurus.com to find the just right word for that sentence. They relearning that they can take charge and do their own revising and editing to make their writing better.
          In reading we read Diary of a Spider, had a comprehension check where we learned to go back to the text to find evidence that supported our answers. We compared spiders and insects on a double bubble map. We always enjoy working and reading with a partner.
           In science we finished up our unit on the physical properties of matter. We took our assessment and wrote about objects and their properties. We went on a matter hunt with a partner as we searched for objects with certain properties. We learned how to classify objects by their properties.
            In social studies we continued working on goals and narrowing them down as we worked on a goal targeting project. I chose a new leader of the week. Congratulations to Faith Lee!