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Welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Carpenter! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Coyote Ridge Elementary. I majored in Early Childhood Education and have taught for 18 years. I have taught grades K- 3 which gives me a unique ability to know where my second graders fit within those grades. Teaching is more than a profession to me, it is a calling. I love to help light the fire of curiosity to help all my students become life long learners!


Math 7:45-9:15 Writer's Workshop 9:15-9:55 Reading Whole Group 9:55-10:40 Enrichment 10:40-11:30 Lunch/Recess 11:30-12:30 Guided Reading /Rotations/Word Work 12:30-1:30 Science 1:30-2:15 Social Studies 2:15-2:45 Pack/Stack/Dismiss 2:45-2:55

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kenji is our leader of the week!

We sang to our veterans!

Martha MacKenzie is a veteran!

Chace reading his letter to the veterans!

Week 12

Dear Parents,
           In math we went back to place value. We had fun building our numbers to 999 with place value blocks as well as cheese-it squares for hundreds, pretzel sticks for tens, and marshmallows for ones. Thank you to the parents who donated these items so that we could build our tasty numbers!
           In language we finished up writing our “How to Bake a Thanksgiving Turkey” papers and made them into special  keepsakes to take home for Thanksgiving break.
           In reading we listened to five different Thanksgiving stories and worked on activities that helped us understand each book a little better. We answered comprehension questions, listed our story elements (setting characters, problem/ solution), wrote reading responses, practiced using our adjectives to describe a character, and sorted facts about Native Americans as well as used our map skills to find out where they used to live.
        In science we began our unit on forces, pushing and pulling. We had several hands on experiences with magnets and even saw how a magnet could make a machine work. 
       In social studies we continued learning our Leader in Me Habits. We are learning to synergies while we celebrate our likenesses and differences. We learned to use our strengths and work together. Humility and teamwork were key words in our discussions.
        I hope you all have a wonderful break! I look forward to seeing your children back at school on November 27th!
* Check out our blog by clicking the link in my signature line to see our Veterans Day Assembly. Chase read his friendly letter to the veterans to represent the whole second grade! Congratulations to Kenji who is our new leader of the week!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Week 11

Dear Parents,
      Wow! I can’t believe the first nine weeks is over and we are a week into our second nine weeks! Math has been a struggle. Addition and subtraction with regrouping is perhaps the most challenging unit that second graders learn. Please continue to reinforce these skills at home. We finished up our week by taking a performance assessment. Next unit we will continue our focus on place value. We look forward to starting it next week.
       In writing we learned about time order words and used them in a few “How To” writings. ( How to Blow out a Birthday Candle, How to make and eat a Rootbeer Float, and How to Bake a Thanksgiving Turkey. Thank you to Mrs. MacKenzie for helping us with our keepsake Thanksgiving placemats and serving us our rooter floats!
        In reading we continued working on our nonfiction feature books, learned about the 50's for the 50th day of school and compared life then to life now. We also read a Scholastic News about Veteran’s Day! We gave our letters we wrote last week to the veterans who are coming to Coyote Ridge tomorrow for our assembly. Please come to join us if you can! We are to wear white shirts tomorrow.
        In science we finished up our unit on Energy: Light, Heat and Sound. We took our assessment.
        In social studies we revisited our Leader in Me habits that we have focused on so far. We have great leaders in the making in our classroom! 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Week 10

Dear Parents,
              This week in math we switched over to subtraction. We are learning our subtraction fast facts taking away zero. We are subtracting two digit numbers with and without regrouping. This switch from addition to subtraction is hard for second graders. Continue to challenge them to add as well. We will  be helping them switch back and forth until it is reinforced and no longer hard to know the process.
              In writing we are learning to write a friendly letter. We are writing to a Veteran. Their original letter will be given to a Veteran on Veteran’s Day, but I will make a copy to grade and save for our portfolio.
              In reading we are learning about nonfiction text features. We are creating a book that tells the purpose of these features and shows examples. They are enjoying creating these books.
              In science we have begun our unit on energy: Light, Heat, and Sound. We will be doing investigations where these types of energy will be increased and decreased. We will be making predictions and then record what we find in our science  notebooks. On Tuesday we took a break from this unit to do a pumpkin investigation. The children estimated the circumference, weight and number of seeds and then we checked our pumpkin to see how close we got to our estimate. They loved digging into the gooey pumpkin!
               In Leader and Me we discussed the importance of honesty, even when it feels hard to do. We talked about public speaking and the importance of speaking clearly. Congratulations to our new leader of the week, Elwin Thomas! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Building Day!

Week 9

Dear Parents,
        We are moving forward in our problem solving strategies with number talks and word problems. Our word problems have two digit numbers that we add together with and without regrouping. We are able to use a strip diagram (a part/part/whole box to help us see what the  word problem is asking us to do.
         In language we discovered that there are four types of sentences: statements, questions, exclamations, and commands. We used which punctuation marks go with these sentences. We were challenged to use all four in a writing piece on a topic of their choice. 
          In reading we read the Signmaker’s Assistant. We looked at the clues in the illustrations and in the text to use as evidence to decide what type of community was the setting of this story. We also used text evidence to take a comprehension check. W e used some of our reading time to plan our communities with our groups.
            In science we learned that physical properties of matter can be changed by cutting, folding, tearing, sanding and combining different types of matter. We learned that the properties of matter can be important when choosing building materials. Four groups were challenged to get a cotton ball as high off their desk as possible using, tape, rubber bands, string and either spaghetti or pipe cleaners. All groups were successful raising the cottontail up several centimeters. Congratulations to all groups. 
            In Social Studies we focused on the Leader in Me Habits think win-win and seek first to understand, then be understood. We learned that we all win when we fill each other’s emotional banks. We learned to listen with our eyes, ears, and hearts.
              We had building day on Thursday! What a great time we had working together to see our plans becoming a reality. See our blog for pictures of our communities made with recyclables!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Leader of the Week

Week 8

Dear Parents,
               Math was a bit challenging this week as your second graders went from adding with regrouping using manipulatives (which is hands on) to  the paper and pencil method (which is abstract). It took some time, but I feel we’ve got it! We will continue practicing this skill next week.
               In language we focused on two types of sentences: statements and questions. We looked for these sentences in our own writing as well as in our reading book. We had fun learning the sentence song as well as our punctuation song.
                In reading we read Officer Buckle and Gloria , took a comprehension quiz and discussed community workers and how they help our community. We learned about three types of communities and chose our favorite one. We have  been challenged to design our very own community and will work with a group to use recyclables to build it. Thank you for already sending in  recycled items so that we can do this fun learning experience.
               In science we learned more about changing matter by adding or removing heat. We watched Brain pop Jr., some Stemscope videos as well as practiced using our vocabulary and writing about what we learned.
                My new leader of the week is Sharina. She has been a leader to her classmates. One of my favorite comments that was said about her was “ she spreads good feelings”. Look on our blog to see her and the poster she decorated all about her. We talked more about putting first things first as well as how to be organized.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Faith is our Leader of the Week!

Week 7

Dear Parents,
            This was a short week, but packed full of great learning opportunities. In math we focused on Fact Families as well as related math facts. We noticed that they contained the same three numbers, just in a different order.
            In writing we learned about common nouns as well as proper nouns. We looked for them in our writing and in books. We made an anchor chart of the words we found! 
             In reading we read the story STELLALUNA. We used a double bubble map to compare birds and bats. We sequenced sentences to tell the order they happened in the story. We also talked about the main character’s feelings and wrote about them.
              In science we began our new unit on changing and combining matter. This week we learned that changes occur when we add heat or take heat away. We discovered that a piece of paper’s physical properties changed when it got wet. Ask your child what happened to our milk when we heated it, added lemon juice and vinegar to it. The physical properties changed. It went from a liquid to a solid.
      In social studies we learned about Columbus Day, watched a Brain Pop Jr., took the on line quiz to assess what we learned and drew a map of Columbus’ journey. We also worked on our leadership notebook. Sadly we had to say goodbye to one of our classmates, Faith. She has been a very special part of our class and an excellent leader. I wish her much luck on her new adventure. She will forever be in my heart, like all the students I have the privilege of teaching.
  • Check out our blog to see pictures and videos of the nerds program. I’ll post them on Saturday. Some of your children were picked to go up front! :)
  • Progress reports went home today. Please return the signed copy.
  • Please send in a bag of candy for the Fall Festival.
  • Please send in $3.00 so that we can buy items to make the second grade baskets for the silent auction.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Week 6

Dear Parents,
         This week seemed to fly by as I had conferences with about half of you. Thank you so much for meeting with me, as I love talking with you about your children and how you can partner with me to help your child succeed in second grade and learn the skills to be ready for third grade.
          In math we took our unit one assessment and began a unit on subtraction from numbers to twenty. Homework pages may be going home once or twice a week. These can be used as the math log practice. On Wednesday a new packet of flash cards is going home in your child’s log. It has all the facts thus covered. We will continue to have our weekly quizes over these facts to try to increase your child’s automaticity in remembering these facts. These are not counted in their grade, but will help them as our units progress to more challenging skills.
         In language we wrote a spider cinquain poem as well as took a single sentence through the writing process. The children enjoyed going on thesaurus.com to find the just right word for that sentence. They relearning that they can take charge and do their own revising and editing to make their writing better.
          In reading we read Diary of a Spider, had a comprehension check where we learned to go back to the text to find evidence that supported our answers. We compared spiders and insects on a double bubble map. We always enjoy working and reading with a partner.
           In science we finished up our unit on the physical properties of matter. We took our assessment and wrote about objects and their properties. We went on a matter hunt with a partner as we searched for objects with certain properties. We learned how to classify objects by their properties.
            In social studies we continued working on goals and narrowing them down as we worked on a goal targeting project. I chose a new leader of the week. Congratulations to Faith Lee!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Week 5

Dear Parents,
           This week in math we began recalling our basic facts to 20, adding three numbers together in a two step problem and adding using ten frames. We found out that making ten first, makes it easier to figure out the sum. 
           In writing we are learning the complete writing process in what we call speed week. We are taking one sentence through the stages of the writing process. We can’t wait to be able to take a personal narrative through this process. 
          In reading we had so much fun reading a play about Johnny Appleseed! Readers theater can be loads of fun as we read, act and move around on our “stage”. We also started learning map skills as we colored Johnny’s journey through six states.
         In science we were busy looking at objects’ physical properties. We did an investigation that included observing a frozen gummy worm, a regular gummy worm, an empty balloon, a blown up balloon, a popsicle, and a melted popsicle. We looked at size, shape, color, texture, flexibility, mass, and temperature. We know that matter takes up space!
          In social studies we have been working on setting up our leadership binders. We are starting to think about setting our first personal goal as well as our first academic goal.We know that goals must be specific and achievable.

Things to return to school
  • Please send in your child’s field trip form as well as the $9.00 for him or her to enter the Perot Museum (it is $6.00 for chaperones)
  • Please send in your conference time choice so that I can schedule a conference with you to talk to you about  about your child and second grade.
  • Please send in your child’s Leader of the Week Poster

Friday, September 22, 2017

Week 4

Dear Parents,
           It’s hard to believe we just finished our fourth week of school. This week in math we finished up learning about place value in numbers with hundreds, tens, and ones. We took our assessment over place value and odd/even numbers. New flash cards will be going home again today in your child’s math/reading log. Thank you for working on your child’s fast facts with him/her. Fasttmath is up and running your child will be bringing a log in card home soon so they can do it at home. We did a great job learning our facts the last two weeks. This week several children took longer than two minutes to complete the twenty problems. Keep working until they become fast facts. Reading books will be going home with your child from our guided reading lessons. This book can be read for the 15 minute reading log.
           In writing we wrote our final copy of a writing about fall. Students' papers had been revised and edited. Final copies were graded with a rubric. We also learned how to form the letters Ee and Ss during handwriting. We also looked at David Shannon books to see how he set up the pages of his books. We learned authors get to decide how and where to put their words and pictures. We are going to try a few of his ideas in our own writing.
          In reading we read about our Constitution, the Preamble, and the rights it gives us as US citizens. We put the words of our pledge in order and learned what those words mean. We talked about what it means to be a good citizen and will be adding good citizens to our circle map throughout the year.
          In science we finished up our unit on what a scientist does and what tools he/she may use and took our assessment. Our next unit will be classifying matter. We will be talking about what physical properties matter may have.
          In social studies we have been discussing Leader in Me activities. It is helping us know how to take initiative to do what needs to be done. We are creating a classroom that works together so it is win-win for everyone.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Week 3

Dear Parents,
         In math we have been busy with doing intentional problem solving (learning that there are many ways to solve a problem) and number talks (talking about our thinking as we solve problems). We have been learning about place value in many interactive learning activities. We are continuing on with our fast facts. We want our second graders to work hard each week learning these flash cards that go home in their reading / math logs. It should only take a couple of seconds for your child to come up with the answer to the addition fact on a flash card. If they work hard all week the quiz on Friday should be easy. If your child goes past the two minute time, it will be noted on the quiz. If your child receives a smiley face their quiz was completed within the two minute window. Your child will be able to complete the test. They will get to sign our number board when they can complete the quiz with at least 80% accuracy. This will be a great help when we start three digit addition with regrouping. Thank you for partnering with me to help your child learn these facts.No grade will be taken.
        In language we wrote an acrostic poem about peace as we remembered the brave first responders and 9/11. We also learned that writing can start with words or pictures, but both have details. We know that when we think we are done we can add to our pictures, label our pictures, write more words, reread our writing, or start a new piece.
        In reading we read a nonfiction story called My Family   in that story we looked at the nonfiction text features and their purpose: photograph, title, illustration, and a diagram. We focused on our thinking as we read the story on sticky notes that we call thinking tracks.
         In science we learned about the many science tools that scientists use and explored tubs full of them. We had an investigation where we used our five senses to observe a gummy worm and used three of our science tools in the exploration. The last sense we used was taste. Those gummies tasted sweet and fruity!
         In social studies we talked about how our physical environment and  how we carry our own weather can have an affect on our learning. We also wrote our class mission statement which will help us have a great year of learning together.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Week 2

Dear Parents,
             It has been a short, but good week! We are getting into our second grade routines and building our stamina in reading, writing, and doing other independent work. Please make sure your child fills out their reading/math log and turns it in on Friday. Please help your child practice his/her flashcards for the math quiz on Fridays. In math this week we learned about even and odd numbers. We used manipulatives to break numbers into partners or teams. If we have even teams and everyone has a partner the number is even. If there is one left over without a partner or the teams are not even, the number is odd. We also learned that we can find the number in the ones place to see if a number is odd or even. In writing we learned that a big idea from a mentor text can help us find a topic for our writing. In reading we learned about stories having characters, a setting, and details and identified these for the story Henry and Mudge. We also compared two Henry and Mudge stories using a Venn Diagram. In Science we learned what a scientist does, what the classroom science rules are, and made our science emergency plan. They need to bring back their science safety contract that went home Thursday night to get their science safety license. In social studies we began talking about the seven habits and how to find the primary greatness that lies in each of us. We took our first spell check. Please make sure your child practices their words all week so they are ready for the spell check on Fridays. I appreciate all you do to help your child be successful in second grade.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Week 1

Dear Parents,
   It was a great first week! I was happy to see a lot of you at our second grade parent meeting on Tuesday evening. If you could not attend, I sent home the second grade packet with the information that we went over in it in your child’s daily blue folder on Wednesday after school. If you have questions about anything, please contact me and I will answer your questions. If your child has not been able to log into fasttmath, don’t be concerned. It sometimes takes a few weeks for the district to get all the new students entered. There are forms inside the packet for you to fill out and return to school. They will help me meet the needs of your child and family. In math this week we began exploring manipulative and started learning our math routines. We reviewed both analog and digital clocks to the hour and half hour. In writing we are set up our writing journal, learned how to use our spelling dictionaries, and write about our feelings about the first day of school. We are finishing up our T-Riffic Summer T-shirt books. In reading we learned the routines, how to read to self, how to read with a buddy, and began building our reading stamina as we read books from our book box and a story called a different tune. In Science we set up our science journal, discussed the scientific method, observation and did a cooperative activity. Ask your child how they saved Sam, the gummy bear! In social studies we are discussing manner, created our class rules so we can all feel comfortable and learn in our classroom. Most of us shared our Me Bags today. Two children forgot them, one child was absent. Please send them in on Tuesday. This is a social studies participation grade. It was fun learning about each other. I can tell that it is going to be another fantastic year! :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Meet The Teacher is Thursday, August 24th from 5:00-6:00

Dear Parents,
             I am looking forward to meeting you and your sweet children at meet the teacher. You may bring your child's school supplies to drop off that evening. I also hope you can attend our second grade Parent Orientation Meeting which will be Tuesday, August 29th at 5:00 P.M. At this meeting we will discuss 2nd grade policies and procedures. I look forward to a great year!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 35

Dear Parents,
                This week in math we continued with reading the information on a graph and did a review of economics with money, spending, saving and lending. We have some very say second graders when it comes to money! In language we were learning about antonyms and synonyms. We had a lot of fun learning about these words with fun games like who has, questions around the room,  matching, and dominos. In reading we finished learning about the many kinds of poetry and wrote some of our own. We finished up today with a poetry picnic! In science we took our assessment on food chains, and shared our habitat boxes. All did a fantastic job! I was really proud of their hard work and how much they learned about their animals. In social studies we’ve been learning about our three branches of government and all of their responsibilities. We created a government tree to help us remember what we learned.

Yearbooks are here! If you ordered a yearbook, it will be sent home Friday, May 12th! We have a limited number of extra copies for sale in the front office. The cost is $30 and checks can be made out to Coyote Ridge Elementary. These are first come, first served. If you have any questions, you may contact Mrs. Watts at wattsbm@lisd.net

  Library books were due Friday May 19th!
May 19th is the last day students can charge a lunch in the cafeteria

Friday, May 12, 2017

Week 34

Dear Parents,
                   The year is winding down as we started the last 3 week grading period. We are learning many new skills in math. This week we focused on measuring with inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters. We also began analyzing graphs. In writing we were learning about prefixes, suffixes, and wrote our end of year writing sample to be scored. In reading we filled out some reading packets independently and focused on the different types of poetry. This focus will continue into next week. In science we finished up animal characteristics and began learning about food chains with vocabulary like consumers, producers, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. In Social Studies we were learning about our local government, our state government and our federal government. It was a good week of learning although I missed being with my class on Monday and Tuesday while I was giving the STAAR test to 4th graders.
Yearbooks are here! If you ordered a yearbook, it will be sent home Friday, May 12th! We have a limited number of extra copies for sale in the front office. The cost is $30 and checks can be made out to Coyote Ridge Elementary. These are first come, first served. If you have any questions, you may contact Mrs. Watts at wattsbm@lisd.net

  • This is a reminder that The animal projects are due next Wednesday. The children will be presenting on Wednesday and Thursday. We will have a gallery walk to see all the second grade projects. We can’t wait to see how creative your child has been in creating their animal habitat. The reports will be interesting to the class as well. We all love animals.
  • May 19th is the last day students can charge a lunch in the cafeteria
  • Many children have library books out. Please send them back as soon as possible.
  • 3 Week progress reports are available on skyward. If you request a paper copy through skyward one is being sent home. Please encourage your child to finish strong. I have noticed that grades are dropping for some students. Summer fever has struck. Please talk to your children about doing their best each day. We have so much yet to learn in these last three weeks together. :)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 33

Dear Parents,
                     I am really enjoying your children this last month of school! They are being so creative with self chosen projects and are doing their best each day. They do have a bit of summer fever, but that is to be expected. In math we were working on time to the minute, area, perimeter and have begun measuring with inches, yards, and feet! There has been lots of movement around the room as our experts measure everything around them! In Reading we read the story Half Chicken and again focused on cause and effect. This is a difficult skill that takes some higher level thinking, but I was impressed with the group working together to figure out the causes and effects in our story,. In writing we have been working on a special Mother’s Day writing project as well as learning about abbreviations and contractions. In Science we continued learning about animal characteristics. I hope you are having fun helping your child plan their animal project! I can’t wait to see their habitat shoe boxes! In social studies we talked about our local government and the upcoming election day in Carrolton! We can’t wait to find out who the new mayor will be!
                     I was so glad that many of you came to Muffins with Moms. It was a a wonderful morning filled with muffins, pictures and smiles. Thank you for coming! I also want to thank you all for the kind notes, cards, gifts, sweets, flowers, and gift cards I received this week. I definitely felt appreciated as I spent the week being spoiled! Lots of extra hugs were the best part. I feel so blessed to be teaching at a school with so many caring children and parents. Thank you all for making this week so special! 

  • This is a reminder that we are a peanut aware classroom as we have a child that has a life threatening reaction to even breathing peanut dust. I appreciate you checking your child’s snacks.
  • I will have a sub in the room on Monday and Tuesday as I was chosen as one of the small group STAAR administrators. I will be upstairs testing 4th graders. We will have PE on both Monday and Tuesday as the Science specials teacher and her room will be used for testing as well. Please have your child wear their PE shoes these days.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 32

Dear Parents,
We had another amazing week of learning! In math we finished up our geometry unit and took an assessment on Friday. It went home in your child’s daily folder as we are having another assessment on Monday. In writing we focused on words that sparkle! We have many different projects that we are revising to add the just right words! In reading we read the story   Working in Space . We looked at the graphic features of the story and wrote about if we were an astronaut! In science we finished up our unit on insects as three of our five butterflies came out of their chrysalis. We began our unit on animal characteristics and your child chose an animal for their last home project of the year! They will write a report and create a shoebox habitat. This habitat should have all the things your child’s animal needs to survive in it. An information packet went home in your child’s coyote folder on Friday. In social studies our focus was on Earth Day and how we can take better care of the Earth by doing the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle!

·     Our pillowcases are almost finished! A huge thank you to the mothers of Wafa, Sophia, Yuriana, and Dylan who wrote the poems on them and to Mrs. Clemmons for coming in for two straight days to help get all the handprints on each pillow! All that is left is for some children to sign their names.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Week 31

Dear Parents,
        Math this week has been visually challenging. The children were learning about plane shapes and solid or three dimensional shapes. They need to know vocabulary like: faces, edges, vertices, plane shapes, solid figures, plus all the names of these shapes. Sending the homework pages was a way for you to help support the learning of these vocabulary words. In language we talked about the writing trait called voice. We tried to write using different voices, then went back to a current project to see if we could hear our own voice.In reading we read the story How Grounhog"s Garden Grew  and learned more about sequencing of the story. In science we continued with the life cycle of insects and observed as well as watched several different insect life cycles. We even have live butterfly larva that are turning into a chrysalis in our room! We can’t wait to see what kind of butterfly comes out of the chrysalis! We focused on researching famous U.S. Landmarks and symbols and are writing a report on the one of our choice! We can’t wait until the presentations!

*Thank you to the four volunteer writers for my  pillow project! Is there anyone willing to come to school to help with painting hands and making handprints on the pillows? I will start scheduling parents next week as the pillow case poem writer volunteers are sending the pillow cases back to school on Monday! Please let me know as soon as possible if you are available to come help 1 or 2 days next week.