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Welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Carpenter! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Coyote Ridge Elementary. I majored in Early Childhood Education and have taught for 18 years. I have taught grades K- 3 which gives me a unique ability to know where my second graders fit within those grades. Teaching is more than a profession to me, it is a calling. I love to help light the fire of curiosity to help all my students become life long learners!


Math 7:45-9:15 Writer's Workshop 9:15-9:55 Reading Whole Group 9:55-10:40 Enrichment 10:40-11:30 Lunch/Recess 11:30-12:30 Guided Reading /Rotations/Word Work 12:30-1:30 Science 1:30-2:15 Social Studies 2:15-2:45 Pack/Stack/Dismiss 2:45-2:55

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our First Nine Weeks Quality Coyotes!

                                                               Archana and Tyler!

More Pumpkin Fun!

Our Pumpkin Project!

Week Nine

Dear Parents,
       Its hard to believe that the first nine weeks is over! It has been a wonderful time of learning, guiding and now releasing your children to be more independent in accomplishing their daily work. Remember that you will only receive a paper copy of the report card if you checked the appropriate box in skyward. The rest of you will be viewing your child’s final grades on line on Friday, Oct. 31st..
        The children were so excited to share their Pumpkin projects today! I could see all the hard work and time that went into each one. If for some reason your child did not complete the project, please send it by Monday as this grade will be reflected on the first nine weeks report card. The deadline for entering grades is Monday night. This affects five students.
        Next week is Red Ribbon Week. The students are to help support a drug free awareness by wearing red on Monday, wearing PJ’s on Tuesday, Being a twin on Wednesday, wearing a sports related shirt on Thursday and may dress up as a book character on Friday!

         See the attached flyer about the reflections contest. Our classroom could win an ice-cream party!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 8

Dear Parents,
       Thank you for helping your children be on time with his/her pumpkin assignment. The children are excited about what they have planned so far. The next due date is this Monday.  The final project is to be turned in this Friday. The children who turn in their story maps on Monday will receive two red tickets! They love spending them on items from our treasure box.
       It was great seeing many of you at our Fall Festival. A fun time was had by all. I was busy passing out candy to the children in the hall. I saw many great costumes! Thank you for supporting our school!
       Attached is our newsletter for the upcoming week as well as the November lunch Calendar. Starting in December these will be going home only by e-mail. Please let me know if you will be needing a paper copy.

       Our school Running club started last Friday. If your child signed up he/she can meet us on the north side of the school by the doors next to the art room. I will be helping with this club and be waiting there Fridays at 7:15  to help escort the children to the field to run their laps.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week 7

Dear Parents,
        Parent conferences are well under way! It has been wonderful talking to a lot of you about your child’s progress. Working together we will create a strong knowledge base which will help your child be successful in second grade and beyond. I am looking forward to the rest of my conferences! Be on the look out for your conference reminder the night before.
         I hope you enjoy a nice long week end with your family. In your child’s Coyote Folder a second grade project is coming home. Please read through the instruction packet with your child. Your child is to choose his/her favorite book.  It may be a book you have at home or one chosen from our school library. The final project will be a summary of his/her book with a picture of a foam pumpkin turned into a character from his/her book attached to the page, and the foam pumpkin itself. There is a calendar of when things are due along the way to keep everyone on track. By next Thursday your child needs to fill out the supply list page and sketch a picture on the pumpkin book project blueprint. The story Map also located in the direction packet is due on Oct. 20th. Remember the book itself is not about a pumpkin, it can be any book. A foam pumpkin can be decorated to look like a character from your child’s book. We do not want to have any real pumpkins carved  as they can spoil quickly. The second packet that has a small note attached is the final project to be turned in on October 24th with the decorated foam pumpkin.I hope you have fun working on this project together!
          At school we will be creating group projects for our Social Studies Unit on communities. These will be models of communities. Your child has been placed in a group with students who have the same favorite type of community. The community types are rural, urban, or suburban. To help with these projects please send any recyclable materials that they could use like empty cereal boxes, oatmeal  containers, etc. They can also bring in small match box cars,  toy animals, or anything you think they could use to represent his/her chosen community. I will be supplying the base, construction paper, tape, markers, and glue. I am always amazed at how creative our students can be!
          Next Friday is our Fall Festival. Each second grader is asked to bring in a bag of wrapped candy to be given out to students at the festival. The second grade teachers will be auctioning off a gift of time with students. We will spend an afternoon having sundaes and games here at CRE with your child and a friend if you win. All 10 students will be together with the 5 teachers having their ice-cream party! I know we will have so much fun!
           *Our school fundraiser has begun. Please participate and help our school!

            *Please consider having your child enter the Reflections Contest!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Week 6

Dear Parents,
                Thank you for sending in the decorated pumpkins! Our hallway is decorated with many projects that we have been doing over the past few weeks. We are ready for Fall and the cooler weather with our Fall writing and the pumpkins lining the bulletin board. 
                 Now that we are six weeks into the year I am gradually putting more responsibility on my second graders. They are having classroom jobs, monitoring their own behavior, and working independently to finish their work. This week the reading and math tests were a little harder and a few students needed to retake the test. If a child gets below a 70% on any test (other than spelling) the child is to be retaught and given a chance to retake the test. The second score can be no higher than a 70%. I try to encourage my students to do their very best the first time and recheck their answers so they can get the score I know they are capable of getting.

                   We have a few important things that went home today in the Coyote Folders. Some parents received an envelope from the office showing you how to go on line to complete important information for our school. There is  a fair ticket for each student. I stapled them to our newsletter so that they could not fall out of the folder. There is also a half sheet that has your conference time on it. On Monday I will see De’Andre’s a and Daniel’s parents. The rest of you will get a reminder in the daily folder the night before your conference. I am looking forward to talking to each of you about your child’s progress.