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Welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Carpenter! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Coyote Ridge Elementary. I majored in Early Childhood Education and have taught for 18 years. I have taught grades K- 3 which gives me a unique ability to know where my second graders fit within those grades. Teaching is more than a profession to me, it is a calling. I love to help light the fire of curiosity to help all my students become life long learners!


Math 7:45-9:15 Writer's Workshop 9:15-9:55 Reading Whole Group 9:55-10:40 Enrichment 10:40-11:30 Lunch/Recess 11:30-12:30 Guided Reading /Rotations/Word Work 12:30-1:30 Science 1:30-2:15 Social Studies 2:15-2:45 Pack/Stack/Dismiss 2:45-2:55

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 3

Dear Parents,
                   Another amazing week of learning. The children are still learning their second grade responsibilities. Please help me with these on your end. Math/Reading logs should be filled out Monday- Thursday. Along with practicing their math flash cards that we’ve been sending home, your child can also choose to use fasttmath or sumdog. Instructions are below to help you use these great mathematical resources. Every Friday your child will be quized over the flashcards of the week. Three quizes go together to create a math grade. I have entered their first 3 quiz average to their math grades for the first three week period. 
                 Also, their reading book will be going home each Monday and Thursday when we have a story of the week. The children are to reread the story. This can be counted as reading log time. If the story is too difficult for your child to read alone, please read it with him/her. There will be a test over the story on Friday. If there is a story of the week, there will be a list of the vocabulary words on the back of our Second Grade Newsletter that goes home on Friday. Your child is to learn the definitions of those words. We will be covering them at school as well, but a homework page will go home on Wednesday to help learn the words. 
                  Homework also goes home on Tuesday. This will be a math practice page along with a language arts practice page. Spell Checks are on Fridays. See the link below as a fun way for your child to practice their spelling list for the week.

                       We put great effort forth for the Boosterthon Fun Run! Thank you to those parents who came out to volunteer and cheer us on! An envelope went home in your child’s Coyote Folder on Friday. If your child got pledges, they are listed on a sheet that went home as well. Those pledges are due back to the school by September 16th. If your child did not get pledges, it is not too late to donate to our school. You may put donations in the envelope to send back to school by September 16th. Thank you for supporting Coyote Ridge!

    Technology Resources

    Mrs. Alvarez will  introduce Sumdog on Tuesday and then they’ll be good to go!
    It’ll be their normal username: ex: ab1234567 password: cat  school code: cre

    Is working.
    Username: ex: ab1234567 password: abc123

    Regular password is their last initial, first initial and the student id ( if you need to know your child’s ID number, please e-mail me and I will send it to you.)

    Spelling City
    Students can click on this link then choose their list to practice spelling words of the week. They are either list 1,2,or 3. Their list number is the same as their group number in my class.

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