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Welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Carpenter! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Coyote Ridge Elementary. I majored in Early Childhood Education and have taught for 18 years. I have taught grades K- 3 which gives me a unique ability to know where my second graders fit within those grades. Teaching is more than a profession to me, it is a calling. I love to help light the fire of curiosity to help all my students become life long learners!


Math 7:45-9:15 Writer's Workshop 9:15-9:55 Reading Whole Group 9:55-10:40 Enrichment 10:40-11:30 Lunch/Recess 11:30-12:30 Guided Reading /Rotations/Word Work 12:30-1:30 Science 1:30-2:15 Social Studies 2:15-2:45 Pack/Stack/Dismiss 2:45-2:55

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 20

Dear Parents,
        This week we continued three-diget addition, subtraction, as well as two step problems. There has been lots of number crunching as well as critical thinking going on!
 In reading we have enjoyed reading the story Violet’s Music! We worked on story structure and challenged our imaginations by choosing a setting, a character and an event from baggies, then writing them into a creative fiction story! We had a lot of fun challenging each other! In language we learned more about adjectives and chose some specific adjectives to tell about ourselves. We used thesaurus.com to find words that were interesting. In science we are learning about natural and manmade resources. We went on a resource hunt as groups, both inside and outside to find things made of glass, plastic, wood, metal, and paper. We then discussed what natural resources may be used too much and brainstormed ideas how to help preserve these important resources. In social studies we have been learning about producers and consumers. We made a circle-rama describing things we would like to purchase as a consumer and things we could grow or make as a producer. We also learned that producers can be paid for services that help us in some way.

* Next week is swim week for our class. We will be gone Mon.-Thurs. from 8:15-10:15. Each day your child should bring 2 towels, a swim suit  (no bikinis please, without a shirt to cover up.) If your child has long hair, please send a hair tie. Each child should bring a comb or brush. Goggles are usually allowed the first day, but after that they usually tell the children not to bring them. Labeling your child’s clothing will help things be returned if they are lost. It is suggested that your children bring  hooded sweatshirts to wear over their clothing. While wet, they could catch cold going to the bus. All their items need to be in a bag that your child can carry to and from our school. Plastic bags usually rip. If you use one of the reusable shopping bags from Walmart, that is a cheap solution. I believe the cost is $1.00. If your child wears his/her suit to school, remember to send a complete dry outfit in their bag, including under garments, for them to change into after swimming.

*Please sign up for the 21 Day challenge.  This is a district wide event and the winning school will receive $150-200 for their winning efforts.  Of course we want the children to work on healthy lifestyles, but that money would go into the school PE program.  So it’s a “win/win” situation.  The class with the best participation will get an extra PE class courtesy of Coach Pacio and will either do stations or Mat Ball, their choice.  We need to get the students  to sign up for the challenge and the hardest part is for the parent’s to complete the closing survey. Here is the link for the sign up:

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